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4 Ways Digital Interviewing Has Changed For Good Since The Pandemic

The past few years have seen a lot of change in the world of digital interviewing. Since the pandemic, digital interviewing has become more common. In fact, this approach to recruiting has become the norm. New technology lets employers interview candidates in a more efficient and convenient manner, saving both time and money. What’s more, digital interviewing can help identify potential candidates who may not have previously been open to traveling to do an in-person interview.

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3 Ways Similarity Bias is Causing Your Team to Miss Their Goals

There are several kinds of unconscious bias that sneak into the hiring process, one of which is similarity bias. This can manifest as a preference for people who are similar in appearance, background, or beliefs. It is usually an unconscious bias and occurs because humans subconsciously tend to see themselves and those who are similar in a favorable light. Understanding the existence and nature of unconscious bias is essential when interviewing and hiring potential employees, as it can lead to bad hiring decisions or limit your candidate options during the hiring process.

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