Make Every Hire a Great Hire – with Cipher® Creation

We have news!!! It’s huge! It’s marvelous! And we hope you’re ready for it.

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new Cipher Creation course!

As our HireBest® Mastery graduates know, the value of a Cipher is immeasurable to hiring the right candidate for your role. We hear it all the time – “Well, their résumé looked like it fit the job description and the interview was great, but this candidate is not working out.”

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, almost all hiring managers have felt the emotional and financial pain of bad hires. Learning to create a Cipher allows you to crystalize what behaviors and skills you are hiring for, and identify who actually will fit into that role, so you can avoid that pain in the future.

Learning how to create a Cipher can be applied not only to the next role you are hiring for, but to just about everything. Our team recently challenged each other to create Self-Assessment Ciphers to help shape our New Year’s resolutions for professional and personal growth. It was amazing to see what each of us captured. Knowing how valuable the framework of the Cipher is makes this launch all the more special to our team.

We can proudly say that after conducting 1,000’s of interviews using this approach, our research shows it is roughly 90% effective – compared to less than 50% otherwise. By using this proven method, our clients have saved time, money, and built amazing teams that allow their organization to succeed.

So, who can benefit from learning how to create a Cipher?

Anyone, really. Our goal when creating this course was to address the #1 reason for bad hires: far too often, hiring managers just don’t know what they are looking for.

There are many possible reasons for this, including:

  • Continuing to use outdated and/or vague job descriptions as a starting point for a hire.
  • Wanting to “move quickly” but not taking the time to really consider what the key needs are for a role.
  • Succumbing to one of many cognitive biases that can creep into hiring decisions.
  • Never receiving the proper instruction on how to screen and identify high-quality talent.

“But, I know good talent when I see it.”

Do you? Does your team?

Let’s think about an organization’s natural promotional ladder for a moment.

In most cases, rock-star employees are promoted to management roles, or are put in charge of others. The idea of a rock-star employee leading others in the role they themselves excelled in sounds like a no-brainer.

But what happens if that rock-star struggles to identify others who have similar skills and behaviors who would be good at that job? Or maybe they think someone is a good fit, when they really just have a lot in common outside of work. That rock-star is now hiring roadies at best, and wannabes at worst.

Or what if the rock-star is now a couple levels above a junior role they are hiring for, and hasn’t done that role for a while? Chances are the role has evolved into something more (or less) complex than what they remember. Now, we face the music that our rock-star won’t be able to properly onboard this new hire or set them up for success in the role, leading to another one biting the dust.

You can hear the dollars whisking by as they travel on the employee turnover express.

No matter how you try to tackle these issues, the harsh reality is that this is probably happening to your business right now, you have already lost tens of thousands of dollars on bad hires. Ouchhh!

The Cipher is the Solution!

Now that your mind is a pretzel, let’s take a peek at the Cipher. The Cipher is a concise document that explicitly lays out in prioritized fashion what success looks like for the role you’re hiring for. The Cipher will paint a clear picture of what the individual’s role is, what they will actually do, how they will fit in culturally, and how they will manage a team.

Finally, a Cipher serves as the framework that enables managers to discuss the specific facts and data around a candidate’s suitability for a role, versus comparing opinions of how each interviewer “feels” about a candidate.

By using a Cipher, you’ll save time and money, and make significantly better-quality hires.

Do you have any upcoming hires, or perhaps a hiring campaign? Are you wondering what you can do in 2022 to strengthen your team and achieve success? We challenge you to brush up your HireBest skills and train your teams on Cipher Creation to knock your next big hiring decision out of the park!

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